Popular sushi types

Gunkan Maki

Gunkan maki is another type of maki—“rolled” or “wrapped” sushi—and was invented in a Ginza sushi restaurant in the 1940s.


Nigiri is a style of sushi that is made by molding a ball of vinegared rice by hand and topping it with a slice of raw fish. It’s usually served with two pieces and can be eaten with the hands.


Whereas sushi is fish served with a ball of rice, which might have some extra ingredients, sashimi is just a raw fish, which is sliced and served as is.

Top sushi ideas

Tuna wrapped gunkan maki

Admittedly not the easiest sushi to make, but once you manage it - the result will not disappoint. This great looking piece of sushi is also amazing tasting and will impress everybody around.

Avocado cabbage rolls

Perhaps your beau is vegetarian and prefers not to have fish in their sushi? We cover you for delicious veggie roll ideas that are just as flavourful.

California Roll

You’ve probably realized by now you have many kinds of sushi to choose among. The California roll, which originated in Los Angeles in the 1960s, is a kind of maki sushi.

Useful sushi making tips

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